You Got What You Wanted But Lost What You Had

Highly entertaining blend of love, suspense, betrayal and forgiveness from award-winning playwright Evelyn Jones Reed. Once again Evelyn delivers.  Captivating and compelling audiences across the country.  But she may have set the stage for trouble. . .

Michael and Kennedy…..Michael and Kennedy promised to love and cherish until death do part.  But one event is going to rock their world forever. Do they have enough faith, forgiveness, and love left to keep it together?

Michael…..Michael is handsome, smart, and musically gifted.  As his popularity grows, gigs across the country, a chance to sign with a major label, and a sexy music executive bring new connections–and dangerous new temptations.  As he reaches for the stars, is he prepared for a fall?

Kennedy and April…..Since they were five years old, Kennedy and April had a bond that could not be broken. They shared secrets, celebrated milestones, and supported each other through life’s adversities. It was a friendship that they both thought would last forever. Except when April seduced Kennedy’s husband.  Jealousy and temptation will damage a friendship forever.

April…..It is then that April’s entire world begins unraveling, and dreadful secrets from her past are exposed with no warning. Secrets that she’ll do almost anything to protect.


Sep 15 2018


07:00 PM
Naomi Bruton Theatre


Naomi Bruton Theatre
1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75201
Evelyn Jones Reed


Evelyn Jones Reed