Roundtable Writer’s Breakfast -‘The Gate of Aleph’

$15-includes Dialogue and Breakfast

Featuring the work by Judy Howard Ellis  “The Gate of Aleph” follows the life of Shammah, a conflicted scholar and the reluctant heir to the throne of ancient Seth. Life gets complicated when he discovers how small his world really is. Shammah longs to escape his ruthless, moon-worshiping father and succeeds until he’s thrust into an otherworldly battle between gods, giants, and the inscrutable Mount Aleph. Shammah must choose whether to pursue his own plans or allow the kingdom to fall. For those who love digging deeper into the supernatural stories found in the Bible, “The Gate of Aleph” offers an unusual and satisfying epic tale.


Oct 21 2017


10:00 AM




1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75201