Playwright’s Spotlight | “The Bloodless Jungle”

A rising star in the political world, State Senator Ethan St. John is being courted by the President and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to challenge long-term incumbent for US House of Representative. Ethan agrees to undertake the run but must vest control of the campaign in the hands of well-known politician H. Henderson Hill. Things get shaky when Ethan’s best friend, J.J. Stiles, is arrested on suspicion of having committed multiple rapes. Faced with a daunting choice, does Ethan abandon J.J. and focus on winning the election, or does he jeopardize the campaign by supporting his friend who he thinks is innocent.


Feb 26 2017


05:00 PM


Clarence Muse Café Theatre


Clarence Muse Café Theatre
1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75201