Dallas. You wont stop laughing. Miss Dee’s Kitchen is open all day long in the hood. Pretty Tony The Pimp on foot Played by Tony Grant from Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor. Reverend Bucky the stanky preacher played by Palmer Williams from Tyler Perry’s Love thy Neighbor. Miss Dee swirling in her beautiful furry housecoat while pushing her oxygen tank around smoking her cigarette in between cleaning chitterlings and dranking her Michelob played by Katrina Walker. As the door is swinging back and forth with a host of others strolling in as you can hear music and Dee singing Al Green Everybody is having a ball even the Mailman is in Miss Dee’s Kitchen.
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Sep 19 2020


08:00 PM
Naomi Bruton Theatre


Naomi Bruton Theatre
1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75201
Katrina Walker


Katrina Walker

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