Miss Dee’s Kitchen

Miss Dees Kitchen, A Hilariously Funny Stage Play with anOutstanding Hilariously Funny Cast, Starring Celebrity as The Stanky Preacher and Tony Grant as The Pimp on Foot. NO He do not own no Cadillac, Who is walking in next cause any and everybody is coming turnt up having a Ball walking, hopping and limping through her swanging front DOE. It is so hot in Miss Dees Kitchen you will not stop laughing as she is cleaning chitterlings, smoking and twisting verbs dranking beer singing AL Green, here and there while pushing her O2 oxygen tank screaming to the mailman that is walking in Theotis, GIVE ME MY CHECK.


Feb 12 2022


08:00 PM
Naomi Bruton Theatre


Naomi Bruton Theatre
1309 Canton St, Dallas, TX 75201
Katrina Walker


Katrina Walker

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